Originally from Ireland; now living in Brisbane, Australia. As a Customer Experience/User Experience Design (CX/UXD) practitioner I help businesses to understand the strategic value of Human Centred Design (HCD) in providing meaningful customer experiences. I use customer research, collaborative design workshops, interviews, interaction design workshops and usability test sessions (with prototypes/UI designs) to gain insights and understand opportunities for both businesses and customers.

Understanding people

A Human Centred Design (HCD) problem-solving approach focuses on first understanding the needs or frustrations people face, and then solving for them directly. It places people and self efficacy above technology and system optimisation.

I've also been an advocate in helping stakeholders to understand the benefits of using a design approach that places the needs of customers as a primary focus when releasing new products or services.


HCD Design Approach

A defined design approach enables teams to articulate

  • what problems they are solving,
  • who is the audience who will benefit,
  • how insights will be used,
  • how successful outcomes will be met, and
  • how will the solution deliver value to the audience

The latest ux blog posts...

In this meta analysis article I have gathered a number of research insights from Behavioural Economists and Psychologists from the field of human behaviour and specifically change behaviour. This article looks at human behaviour and decision making that affects both long and short-term change.

Co-operation at every level of our socio-ethno environments is dependent on trust and reciprocity. Under all sorts of circumstances, co-operation has underpinned and benefitted not only humans, but also many other species on our planet. Research over the past 80 years has studied both optimal and sub-optimal outcomes based on different reciprocal strategies.

A brief introduction to a number of amazing writers and books that focus on human behavior, biases and some left-field thinking on the things that influence and drive our everyday decisions. These books have had a big influence on my own UX practice and thinking.